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Automate export policies and objects into a readable format


Just to give some context, I'm using SmartConsole R81.10.

I'm aware that it's possible to export policies from de GUI (Actions -> Export) into a CSV format.

But I wonder if there's some way to automate this process.

In particular, I'm trying to automate the process of exporting policies and objects database into a redable format (CSV, JSON, or etc.).

It would be desireable to export not only Security policies but also Application, NAT and Threat Prevention's policies.


I found this SK and perhaps one option could be to schedule a cron job into the SmartConsole to run "Show Package Tool". 


Would there be any better alternatives?


Thanks in advance.
Best regards.


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Show Package Tool is probably your best bet in terms of human readability and something that already exists.
You can extract the configuration using the API and output it in whatever format you want, though it'd require some development work.

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