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Are Open Server Security Management licenses additive?

Hi CheckPoint gurus...

Simple question, with a simple yes / no answer, I assume...

Are the CPSM-NGSMxx licenses additive, i.e. will installing a new CPSM-NGSM5 license on top of an existing CPSM-NGSM25 allow a VMware-based SMS to manage anything between 26 and 30 gateways?

Or should the customer be forced to go to the next gateway count level, which in this instance would be 50?   

(Customer envirnment is R80.20 With JHF 103 installed on top, both for the SMS and for the gateways...)



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For anything other than the CPSM-NGSM150, licenses are NOT additive and you will need to do a trade-in.
For CPSM-NGSM150, you can add in 50 gateway increments.


Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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