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Application control license in offline Network R80.10


We upgrade our system from R80 to R80.10, from some reason the application blade license is reporting no license even so there is valid license and contract.

Our system (management and cluster) installed in offline network that not connect to the internet.

I open case but the TAC says the R80.10 is not supported offline environment in all the blades. This is very strange because the IPS blade is working well and the license is all good.

I guess that there is some flag somewhere that will let the App blade to work even so it is not connect to the internet.

Does anyone encounter this issue ?

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Assuming your Security Management has Internet access, IPS can function entirely offline.

This is because IPS utilizes signatures that can be loaded to the gateways.

Application Control also has signatures, but some elements of Application Control require Internet connectivity to function. 

However, if your Security Management and Gateways have no Internet access, there is a special procedure and process to obtain and install the various signatures for IPS, App Control, and other blades.

Your Check Point account team can assist you in getting the necessary authorization and sharing with you the relevant procedure.

Depending on the blades, there are some limitations of running entirely offline, some of which can be mitigated through the use of a Private ThreatCloud appliance (a separate purchase).

More information on this solution here: Check Point Private ThreatCloud 

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