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Application & URL Filtering Report Parameters

My security team has requested me to run a report for "Media Streams"

Report 1 - Top users of Media streams over the last 30 days. I can run and application & URL filtering report with the filter app_category:"Media Streams" 

However it only shows top 20 high bandwidth users, is there anyway to increase this to say 50 or 100 users?


Report 2 - Is there a way to run a report for a specific group of staff e.g. the IT department?

Thanks in advance

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What precise report are you using as your starting point?
You should be able to edit it and increase the number of results returned and/or filter based on group.

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1. In Edit mode, choose table references -> Choose desired field -> increase number of values

2. There need to be something that's common for IT department, like a subnet or IP range. Otherwise you can create a group and add relevant network objects to that group and then filter by that group.


Kind regards, Amir Senn
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