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Appliance Sizing with https inspection

Hello all,

I have open server firewall with version R77.30 in distributed environment. We are using full NGTP spesifications without https inspection now.When I run cpsizeme on open server, appliance sizing tool recommends  5600 appliance(utilization:%15-25) and 6500 appliance(utilization %10-20). But sk88160 say cpsizeme is not supported on open platforms, so is that recommendetions wrong?


Also we want to migrate this open server to checkpoint appliances. And then we will upgrade the version to R80.20 and will use https inspeciton. According to this new situation which appliance will we select ?



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cpsizeme should be alright if all CPU cores available in your Open Server are licensed. Otherwise use a 30day eval license, reboot an run it again for at least 24 hours. According to this thread  just double the estimated performance demand for using HTTPS inspection  and pick your desired Check Point appliance. Personally I'd pick 6000 appliances.

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