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AWS Licensing Issue

Hi Guys,

I’m busy migrating one of our customers from their on premise R77.30 Management server to a new Management server in AWS on R80.20 and changing their Public IP address in the process.

The new AWS Instance has been provisioned for me with the Public IP address as an alias and a Private IP address on the actual interface. I can’t add the alias(Public IP) address in the topology of the Management server as a ‘:’ i.e. eth0:1 is not allowed.


The General IP address of the Management server is as you would expect the Public IP address but because this is not in the topology, when I attach the license assigned to that IP I can’t login to the Dashboard.


AWS  Interface topology example

Eth0 -

Eth0:1 - 3.x.x.x


If I change the license to use the Private IP address I can’t attach it using SmartUpdate as that expects to see the license on the Public IP. I can add the license using ‘cplic put’ which then allows me to login into SmartConsole successfully.


The problem with doing this is that I can’t see the license in SmartUpdate as its not assigned to the Public IP address of the Management server.


I’m wondering if;

1. There is a way to add an alias to the topology of the management server?

2. or do you think that the AWS server has been provisioned incorrectly and the Public IP should be assigned to the      Interface and the Alias become the private?

3. Any other thoughts?


Hope this makes sense….



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Issue resolved. sk92705 refers to R75.40 but solution still relevant to R80.20.
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