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A request for an in-depth session on the backend of R80


When I read articles like sk157932 : "Accept" traffic statistics are not displayed in the Access Control view then I could appreciate a session about how the backend things are designed and how they interact.

This article explains some of it but I think a in-depth session on Check Mates would be a good idea to understand a lot more of how everything works in the backend where al the data is stored. I can deduct a lot from seperate articles but puttin g it all together would a good idea in my view.

Let me know your thoughts on this.

Regards, Hugo.



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I assume you are talking about the backend for the R80+ SMS.  The best documents are linked in this thread:

There is some additional content in the CCSM courseware that delves into the internal table structure of the postgres database and how to directly work with the database via the psql command that I haven't seen elsewhere, but that content is restricted and cannot be reposted here.


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