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Procedure shutdown and bootup secondary Maestro site

Hi all,

We plan to move our secondary datacenter to another location.

We would like to shut down the Maestro environment (single SG, dual mho, dual site, R80.20SP + R80.30SP) properly to avoid any issues/corruptions afterwards.

This is how I would like to tackle the situation:

  1. Move active VS’es from site B to site A (VSX VSLS – command: ??? )
  2. We set site B down (command: ‘set chassis high-availability id 2 down’)
  3. Disconnect the site sync cables
  4. Shut down gateways
  5. Shut down orchestrators
  6. Disconnect all cables

Then, move appliances to new datacenter and ...

  1. Connect cables (but not the site sync)
  2. Boot up orchestrators
  3. Boot up gateways
  4. Check health (command: ‘asg monitor -v’)
  5. Connect the site sync cables
  6. Set site B active (command: ‘set chassis high-availability id 2 up’)
  7. Redistribute VS’es between both sites (command: ???)

Does it makes sense? Any improvements? Caveats?



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@Anatoly can you please advise?

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I did not expect my question would be that complicated.  🙂

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I also opened a TAC case last week... just to be sure. But I'm still waiting for an answer.

Thought it would be easy going, but the question seems to be challenging. 

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Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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