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Maestro SG management interfaces bond


I have 2 MHO 140 Orchestrators in redundancy. Its running on r80.20 SP. I have already installed the latest hotfix during the time of installation.   It's in a production environment deployed a week ago with 4 GW's.  I have configured bond interfaces for all the uplink connections and its working fine.

I then created a bond for SG Management interfaces (  eth1/1/1 eth1- Mgmt1 and eth2/1/1 eth1-Mgmt2) and its working. I am able to establish SIC with the Management server with the same bond interface IP address of SG. You will be able to install the policy successfully once. However, after the successful installation of the policy, the Management Server will no longer be able to reach the IP address of SG which is configured in the bond interface.

Even, I am unable to browse the web GUI of SG. I then removed the bond interface and assigned new bond interface for SG mgmt and again the same issue. I am able to reach the mgmt server and able to establish SIC. Then after the policy installation, the mgmt server is unable to reach the SG IP address. 

Then, I removed the bond interface of SG management interfaces and assigned an IP address on the physical Mgmt Interface of SG and

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