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MHO-175 ports

Hello, I was wondering if there any ports on the MHO-175 that can not be used as an uplink port.  I understand the there needs to be at least 1 Mgmt port and 1 Sync for Dual MHO configurations.  But can all the rest be assigned to uplink?



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Not exactly since you still need room for some downlink ports. 🙂

On MHO-175, you can configure only these port types:

Port 1 only as management or as downlink

Ports 2 and higher only as uplink, downlink, site_sync, or ssm_sync (for intra-site sync redundancy)



There is a port map for the MHO-175 and it show that the dual site sync port is not available for uplink or downlink.  The documentation does not state this.

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