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MHO-140 unable to set a 100 GbE port as downlink

I'm just installing a fresh MHO-140 (R80.20SP JHF 317) and would like to connect a 16600 HS appliance to a downlink port.

None of the MHO's 100 GbE ports is preconfigured as downlink port. Just uplinks.
So I have to change the type of one of those 100 GbE ports to become a downlink port.


mho1> show maestro configuration orchestrator-site-id
The Site ID of this Orchestrator is 1.
mho1> show maestro port
NMSSG0050 Failed to get local Orchestrator ID.

Same error message in the MHO's Gaia WebUI:


The MHO isn't able to determine its ID because there is no appliance connected, but I can't connect an appliance as there is no 100 GbE downlink port availble to connect it to. In order to change the type of a 100 GbE port to become a downlink the MHO needs to determine it's ID.

What I'm I missing?  @Anatoly 

I'd like to change port 1//55/1 to become a downlink:


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