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Default Route through Vswitch in Maestro

Hi Friends!

We are planning on deply a topology as the image below. It's posible to configure this?

example topology - V2.png

For clarification, the VSwitch and VS EXT 01 and 02 are parte of  a security group in Maestro. The ISP Router is a cisco device.

We just want to be sure if it's posible to make this functional. For me, and as far as i know, it's posible to configue. The default route have to point to the ISP router, using the VSWITCH? 

In the VS EXT01 and EXT02, should i be able to see in the ARP Table the ISP Router MAC/IP? 

Thanks in advance.

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@FenZ45 yes, this topology is correct. There is a need for the vswitch if you want to connect both VS to the same VLAN. MAC address of your Cisco router will be seen in the ARP table of both VS. Both VS can use the same Cisco route as default gateway like with two hardware gateways.

You have to be aware of the return routes from Cisco router to your internal networks. Maybe you hide all traffic via NAT behind your VS IP addresses but if not you have to route the traffic from Cisco router to the correct VS.


Hi Wolfgang.

Thanks for the information!

About the returning traffic, I have the NAT configuration done. My main concern was about the topology, but since it's clear now i'm goint to implement it.


Best Regards.

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