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exporting logs from one SMS to another newly created


This is my first post here. I really enjoy the community, which posts help me to fix some issues that i was facing.

we have a smartevent server  (SMS A) which store logs from installed customers gateways.

we project to move systems configuration and logs from the SMS A to the newly installed SMS B but my worry is about exporting logs.

how can i easily realized it?

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Re: exporting logs from one SMS to another newly created


The Migrate Tools that you will use for the export, also have a flag the allows you to also export all of the logs from the Security Management Server.

Just run $FWDIR/bin/upgrade_tools/migrate to see the full usage:


Use the migrate utility to export and import Check Point Security Management Server database.
Usage: migrate [OPTIONS]
Action (required parameter):
     export - exports database.
     import - imports database.
Options (optional parameters):
          -l - Export/import logs without log indexes.
          -x - Export/import logs with log indexes.
                 Note: only closed logs are exported/imported.
          -f - Filter private data.
                Note: option is valid for export mode only.
          -n - Run non-interactively
          --exclude-uepm-postgres-db - skip over backup/restore of PostgreSQL.
          --include-uepm-msi-files - export/import the uepm msi files.
          --exclude-licenses - skip over backup/restore of licenses.
File (required parameter):
          Name of archived file to export/import database to/from.
          Path to archive should exist.
Run the utility either from the current directory or using
an absolute path.




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Re: exporting logs from one SMS to another newly created

If you don't want to take the logs as part of migrate export/import, the files can simply be copied across from $FWDIR/log between systems.
If you do this, you will need to reindex the logs.
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