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Smartevent MHT file format

Is there a way to change mail alert format from MHT to another e.g pdf or clear html format? (R80.10)
I configured automated reactions for smart event policies and I receive mails with MHT file and many GIF file attachments.


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Re: Smartevent MHT file format

I have the same problem on R80.20

Is there any form to change format?

I also have another installation sending emails just fine.

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Re: Smartevent MHT file format


yes we have exactly the same issue.
we used Smartevent very extensively for our customers, and since we updated to R80.10 we have all graphical elements in the *.MHT as extra attachments in the email ...
This behavior creates ticket without text, just attachments ..

we have created a TAC ticket, but with little results so far.

please check the screenshots ...

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