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Application Innovatory Report

I got a question today that I have not looked into before, do we have a method of reporting the Applications we use in our environment?  Obviously only traffic that crossed a gateway would be identified.  Is it possible to report on any application identified with the App Control Blade?  I figured I would ask the community as I research the support site.  My management servers are R77.30 and I also have a NGSE server.  Thanks for any suggestions.


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Re: Application Innovatory Report

You can easily achieve your goal by editing a predefined Application and Sites report / view.

There you'll have an overview of allowed and blocked applications. Simply edit one of these tables to show all applications and voila.. you have your report. I took the screen shot below within R80.10 but it's the same procure within NGSE. I would recommend to do a fresh install of R80.10 in the near future as there is no upgrade path from NGSE.

Re: Application Innovatory Report

Thanks for the help.  Yes we are getting close to moving everything to R80.10.  

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