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White Paper - Deploying 1200R Security Gateway with Zero Touch Cloud Service


Jon Goldman



In recent years SCADA and ICS systems have increasingly relied on basic Ethernet, TCP/IP and Windows for all communications, specifically most of the environments use MODBUS, DNP3 SCADA network protocols. Many of these protocols have known shortcomings that make them susceptible to attack.

1200R is a solid-state appliance is specifically designed to secure SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) protocols and OT (operational technology) equipment that operates under harsh environmental conditions. Check Point 1200R includes Stateful inspection Firewall, IPS and Application Control software blades. It complies with industrial specifications IEEE 1613, IEC 61850-3, IEC 60068-2 for heat, vibration and immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI).

The purpose of this document is to provide step by step guide on how to deploy multiple 1200R appliances using Zero Touch Cloud Service.


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