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Infinity Portal Harmony Endpoint Logs page is perpetually loading

Hey People,


I have this issue where I tried to export some log data for my organization via the Infinity Portal regarding my endpoints. Time frame was past month.

Ever since I did that, I've been waiting for some kind of confirmation other than the Logs are being exported pop-up I get at the bottom right of my screen once I pressed it.

On top of that, and more concerning to be perfectly honest, is the fact that when I navigate to the logs page (via the dedicated option or via a endpoint) in both Infinity Portal and Smartview, I keep getting the loading symbol in all the page panes and nothing else. It's been like this for hours.

Relevant Screen attached.

Anyone experienced this before?

We're on the cloud based solution for management, not on premise.

Thanks for reading this far down!

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Did you try opening a TAC case for this?

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No, what I did do though, is that I remembered I could reset the service via the dedicated service submenu and it worked, log function was up and running again after 10mins or so.

So, it's done. Let this be a warning to potential log-exporters, be mindful, if the logs requested exceed a certain threshold in lines, it can and will break.

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