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Machine Cert Walkthrough

Hi Guys,

Here is a walkthrough on how to enforce Machine Certs on Remote Access VPN on R80.40. I mainly showed the CP side but I can do a walkthrough on how to deploy AD CS if needed.Also added a PowerPoint with the prerequisites to deploy. I hope this can be a help!

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Thanks, perfect for me 👌
Please do a walkthrough on deploy AD CS.


Please do a walkthrough on deploy AD CS

+1 )


Hi Tadams,

Regarding this solution you described Machine Cert I have few questions:

When we implement Machine Cert is it possible at same time for some LDAP AD users for example in specific group or OU to use just AD user pass authentication without Machine Cert?

 When we implement Machine Cert are we able to authenticate with mobile device (Android,IOS etc) with endpoint client using same AD user for which is mandatory machine cert?

When we use AD + machine cert auth is it possible in same time for some users to use Local defined in SMS user+cert+pass endpoint authentication?

If answers are yes on this questions, can all of this function in same time?



Also interested in walkthrough on deploy AD CS.

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