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unable to block facebook posting ?



I am unable to block facebook posting. i have enable http inspections .  every time I am getting below error while accessing even facebook on client machine.

NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID on client in checkpoint


You cannot visit right now because the website uses HSTS&oq=You cannot visit right now because the website uses HSTS&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i59.1146j0j7&sourceid=chr



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Re: unable to block facebook posting ?

This should be in General Product Topics‌.

If you're trying to access (note the non HTTPS url), I would expect that to fail only because your browser is enforcing HTTPS (this is what HSTS does) and this should have nothing to do with HTTPS Inspection.

The only reason I can think you may have seen this with an HTTPS URL is you didn't configure the browser with the HTTPS Inspection CA key as being trusted.

This is required for HTTPS Inspection to work properly and absolutely mandatory to access any site requiring HSTS (like Facebook): "HTTP Strict Transport Security" (HSTS) header handling in HTTPS Inspection 

Did you do this?