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pseudo random function (prf) support ?

Hi All,

My customer has to create VPN S2S. 

The other side demands high security like : IKEV2 , certificate authentication and pseudo random function (prf) SHA-256 .

My management and cluster are R80.10 jumbo 42.

I can't find any documentation on pseudo random function (prf). where can i enable this settings ?

thanks in advance


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Re: pseudo random function (prf) support ?

SHA-256 is just a hashing algorithm, 

That's "Data Integrity" in the following screen.

If you want to specify the pseduo-random number generator function we use, that's not possible.

However, we do use a Hash DRBG with SHA-256 and a seed length of 440 bits in accordance with SP800-90.

This was validated as part of a prior FIPS 140-2 certification: Certified Check Point Solutions | Check Point Software