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post lookup verification failed

Hello guys,


Would you please help me with this issue :

I have server in a DMZ that needs to be reachable from internet. NAT is working properly.

this server needs also to be reachable from internal networks VIA ITS PUBLIC IP on UDP.

The firewall accepts the first packet but then start to drop with this message : "post lookup verification failed" and "Connection contains real IP of NATed address".

here are my NAT rules : 

internet:publicA --> original:dmzA

internal:publicA --> original:dmzA   (internal:publicA --> FWpublicIP:dmzA doesn't work too)


sk98169 and sk109468 didn't help 😞

there is no routing issue and same kind of rule works for TCP

Can you please help?

Thanks 🙂

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Sounds like a bug you should engage the TAC with.
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Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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