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how to restore backup?

Hello everyone!

i am trying to restore backup , but geting error:

MS> show restore status
Performing local restore
Step: Initializing
MS> show restore status
local restore has failed.
The following hotfixes seem to be missing:
For more information refer to sk105883.

help me - pls proide link to download these hotfixes or tell me how to install ingoring that error? installation of take 70 or 103 is conflicted with some of my installed hotfixes ...#restorebackup

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Re: how to restore backup?

Did you read the mentioned sk105883? The first hotfix is the Jumbo Hotfix. You need to know which take was installed previously. If it isn’t the current GA you need to contact Check Point TAC for the earlier Take of the Jumbo Hotfix.

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Re: how to restore backup?

Read Solutions [2] from SK:
  • Restoring from Gaia "System Backup" using Gaia WebUI or Clish terminates with message: "The following hotfixes seem to be missing".

Gaia System Backup performs backup of the configuration only. Therefore, the machine of the restore should match with same model, installation parameters and hotfixes to the machine where the backup was taken. Otherwise, the restored configuration might be inconsistent and cause some feature misconfiguration. In case of backup interrupted with this message, it means that the hotfixes that are registered during backup do not match those that are installed on the machine of the restore.

In some cases, this message can be safely ignored and the restore can be performed anyway. See details in the "Solution" section below.


In the two following cases the message can be safely ignored:

  1. If the hotfix refers to a version earlier than R77.30. To prevent this message from being displayed, you should run the command 'touch /tmp/extensive_hfs_check'from Expert on the backup machine before backup. 
  2. If the same fix is already installed using another hotfix. Usually, every successive hotfix includes the previous one, but is registered differently. The backup utility does not recognize this situation and requires same hotfixes to be installed as before the backup, but if it is installed using another hotfix, this warning may be ignored.

In order to continue restore despite the error message, run 'dbset backup:override_hfs t' from Expert and restore.