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how do i check to see if the firewall is sending reset packets for a connection?

So we have a firewall cluster running R80.40 and users are having slow login issues (users take 4-5 minutes to get logged into their windows accounts for some sites), tried to check for any drops on the logs in smartconsole and dont see anything there, did live packet captures on the firewall and we could see some reset packets but not sure what is sending those reset packets, did fw ctl zdebug and didnt see any drops, so is there a way to know if the firewall itself is sending reset packets apart from the above methods? 

Also where can i check for such tcp (reset,etc) settings on the gateway itself?

Our management servers are on R80.20

Thank You.

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If you do fw monitor or pcap (thats new in R80.20) and then dump it in wireshark, you will definitely see reset packets there. Even without wireshark, you would see them on command line.

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