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disk extend problem

hello friends

today i saw that "/var/log %100(260gb)". i decided that add new disk(250gb). i added new disk according to sk94671. at the end system said that "lv_log size can be 20gb to 282gb". and i wrote to 282gb. but end of the process i saw that "/var/log/ %93". oppss it should have been min %50. how can i fix it?


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Re: disk extend problem

What does lvm_manager show?

What does df -k show?

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Re: disk extend problem

You didn’t expand it by 282 GB but TO 282 GB.

So you have 22GB additional space. That’s a why 93% is correct!

Additional note:

If you added a new disk, the diskspace of it will not be part of the LVM (/dev/vg_splat) and lvm_manager can't use it. lvm_manager can only alter space assigned to the LVM.

Give us output of:

# df -h

# pvs

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