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cphaprob state showing down on one member in R76

Hello All,

I have an issue on one member of my cluster.

cphaprob state shows one member Down and the other one Active

fw ctl pstat shows sync off. But i launched the command fw -d ctl setsync start, and after that, it now shows the below result


        Version: new


         Unable to send sync packets

         Unable to receive sync packets

        Sync packets sent:

         total : 0,  retransmitted : 0, retrans reqs : 0,  acks : 0

        Sync packets received:

         total : 0,  were queued : 0, dropped by net : 0

         retrans reqs : 0, received 0 acks

         retrans reqs for illegal seq : 0

         dropped updates as a result of sync overload: 0


i already launched a cpstop/start, and a reboot but nothing changed.

I also checked the interface state, but everything seems ok with the command: cphaprob -a if (All the interfaces are UP and OK)

Please could someone have an information, for helping me ?


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What does cpahaprob -i list show on the Down member?  It sounds like you have some kind of issue with the sync network, is the underlying network functioning on the interface declared for sync?

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This is the result of cphaprob -i list on the down member: There is a sync problem

Built-in Devices:


Device Name: Interface Active Check

Current state: OK


Device Name: HA Initialization

Current state: OK


Device Name: Recovery Delay

Current state: OK


Registered Devices:


Device Name: Synchronization

Registration number: 0

Timeout: none

Current state: problem

Time since last report: 95563.7 sec


Device Name: Filter

Registration number: 1

Timeout: none

Current state: OK

Time since last report: 8.7 sec


Device Name: cphad

Registration number: 2

Timeout: none

Current state: OK

Time since last report: 96159 sec


Device Name: fwd

Registration number: 3

Timeout: none

Current state: OK

Time since last report: 96158.3 sec


Device Name: routed

Registration number: 4

Timeout: none

Current state: OK

Time since last report: 96143.6 sec


NOTICE: the sync interfaces on both FW can ping each other without problem

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