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conncurrent connection limit allocation in VSX

We have CP 5900 appliances and 4 VSX gateways has been created on it. Below are the memory details of the box. Currently concurrent limit has been set to just 15000 for each vsx. So how much we can set maximum concurrent connection limit in each VSX here ?

Number of Cores: 16
CPU Hyperthreading: Enabled
Number of disks: 2
Disk 1 Model: HGST HTE*********
Disk 1 Capacity: 500 GB
Disk 2 Model: HGST HTE*********
Disk 2 Capacity: 500 GB
Total Disks size: 1000 GB
Total Memory: 16384
Memory Slot 1 Size: 8192

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Employee Employee

You can likely increase them from where they are now without risk of issue (within reason), but some more information would be helpful in determining how far.

Which software blades are activated for the Virtual Systems and which OS version is used on the gateways, are you already monitoring memory utilisation and peak concurrent connections?


It is R80.10 Gaia. Currently Firewall and IPS are enabled. We are monitoring the memory/CPU utilization and it is normal but the concurrent connections reached the limit 14900. I am suspecting that concurrent connection reaches the limit when the nessus scan runs and the network goes down.

So planning to increase the concurrent connection limit in each VSX up to the maximum level. How much we can increase the maximum value of concurrent connection on the above mentioned hardware configuration.

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In the current configuration you can likely increase the values significantly but a better approach would be to tune this over time on a per-vs basis and align it to the demands of the particular network segment.

You may also wish to explore the "vs_bits" command in future...This lets VSX Virtual Systems use more than 4 GB of RAM, which significantly increases the concurrent connection capacity for each Virtual System.



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