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can we configure cluster between 5400 and 5600 appliances?

i have 2 different gateways. can we configure cluster between 5400 and 5600 appliances?

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Check Point's ClusterXL Admin Guide says:

Important! The hardware for all cluster members must be exactly the same, including:

  • CPU
  • Motherboard
  • Memory
  • Number and type of interfaces

So you can't configure a Cluster consisting of two different appliances. At least not one that is supported.



If you look at the chart in it is 2 diferent CPU's

If there had been more than 2 cores i would say you might get it to work if you where running VSX vsls and not assign more than 2 CPU's to the cluster.  Just because you could doesnt meen you should.

When it was supported it was seen on devices with one core but different clock feq.

I strongly recomend you only to try it out in lab, and find a supported solution for production.

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There have been some limited cases in the past where mixing appliance types in the same ClusterXL setup was supported, such as a UTM-1 2050 and UTM-1 2070:

sk36863: Limitations of UTM-1 cluster that consists of different UTM-1 appliance models

You might be able to make a cluster work with different models, but as Danny says doing so will most definitely not be supported.  If ClusterXL can discern any substantial difference between the configuration of the two members, the non-active member will enter the dreaded "Ready" state instead of "standby".

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Technically is possible, if both appliances have the same O.S. version, hotfix and maybe the same hardware; in fact, it is not recommended and no have support; but I think you can try in a no production network (as laboratory) and make all tests about cluster. 


Actually. I have done weirder things as part of a troubleshooting process.

Cluster a 4800 with a 5400 on R77.30.

I needed additional memory so I could run GAIA on the 4800 in 64 bit mode.

And I needed to adjust the CPU assignment on the 4800 to make it work.

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