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Youtube user statistics report help needed

Hi All,

So a customer of mine runs monthly scheduled reports out of R80.40 and there seems to be some anomaly with regards to youtube usage.

in short i can see 'top applications by bandwidth' shows youtube using >500GB of data for a specific time period

however inside the same report is a section called 'top 15 youtube users' and this reflects only a fraction of users and said bandwith usage for youtube.

so i am trying to work out why and how this is.

My suspicion is that perhaps users are viewing youtube through other platforms ie facebook etc and Checkpoint is not able to differentiate and isolate those users as 'youtube users'

any idea how to set the report parameters to get a more detailed breakdown of who is using these high amounts of bandwidth for youtube perhaps?

thanks in advance.


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Employee Employee

To start can we assume that you have HTTPS inspection enabled (we cannot report on detail that isn't logged)?

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HI Chris,

HTTPS inspection is disabled. would this be the reason then as it can only see the header info for youtube and cannot gauge the amount of traffic per user within the ssl connection then? which would make sense. however cust is saying previous reports showed the detail - perhaps https inspection was disabled somewhere along the way then. hmmm..


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