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Windows file share access slow over Remote Access VPN

Hi All,

We are in the process of decommissioning a Windows RAS VPN server and replacing it with Checkpoint.

At the moment everything is working, however when users connect to the checkpoint remote access VPN (IPSec) and try to open files (Excel, doc, etc) it really slow compared to the Windows VPN - the files are not that large less than 10M.

We are running R80.30 Take

VPN Client is Checkpoint Mobile E83.10 Take 215.

No TP blades.

[Expert@FP-CP-VM:0]# enabled_blades
fw vpn urlf appi identityServer SSL_INSPECT vpn

Is anyone else experiencing this behavior?


Thanks Guys,



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Double-check you are using IPsec and not SSL, as RAS VPN can do both. SSL connection is significantly slower.

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