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What is the procedure to Migrate firewall from one management server to another?


We have 2 management server both having R77.30. So I have got a project to move 8 firewalls from one Management server to another.

Hence need a plan for this, can anyone help me regarding the same.

The version of both the management servers and all the firewalls in R77.30.



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At a high level:

  • If necessary, copy the relevant configuration from the old management
  • Reset SIC on the gateway
    • Use cpconfig to do this--see Reset SIC On R80.10 Gateway? , which requires an outage.
    • Alternatively use the procedure in sk86521 which does not (this is an Expert-level SK, must be obtained from TAC).
  • Establish SIC from the Gateway Object on new Management server
  • Push Policy

Thanks for the reply Smiley Happy.

I have few question:-

1. How am i going to change the IP of the Management server on the gateway?

2. Do i need to reinstall the licence from the new management server to the gateways?

3. As I have to move only few firewalls to new management server, is there any option to export/import particular policy package? 

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1. Resetting the SIC effectively changes the Management IP.

2. Depends on how the licenses are generated. If they are tied to the management, then you will have to, yes. 

3. I'm not sure if odump/ofiller allow partial import/exports or not. You'll have to read the documentation on the tool.


Check out sk33751for cp_merge

cp_merge takes the SIC with it too... 

Read the SK carefully... 


Thoughts Dameon Welch Abernathy


cp_merge is another way to do it as well.


Thanks a lot guys for your help Smiley Happy

Will go through all this.