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Web pages timing out after upgrade

Good Afternoon team,

Would like to inquire i recently upgrade my firewall from R77.30 13500 appliance to R80.20  23000 appliance. Some websites like zimbra email and some internal sites are timing out or are slow to open. 

What could be the issue that is affecting  my  websites to time out or not be accessible. 

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Hope you are doing fine, first of all make sure to install the latest Jumbo Hotfix.

Please tell us:

  • Are you using HTTPS Inspection and if you are using URL Filtering / Application control or Quality of Service?
  • Output of fwaccel stats -s
  • Check in ifconfig -a for interface errors



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Hi Eric

You can see the following post, maybe is the same issue


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I have the same issue after upgrading from 4400 R80.10 to 6500 R80.10 firewall.

Anything behind the firewall could not access some web sites, but some web sites are also working at the same time. I don't think the issue is related to the REJECT/DROP, as some people mentioned.

When rolled back to 4400, everything started to work fine. 

Nothing else changed, same policy, same routing. Any thoughts?

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Were the problematic sites hosted in Azure?  If so:

sk150175: Resources on some HTTPS websites get stuck for several minutes


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