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WEBUI first time Wizard versus Blink answer.xml file

When using the traditional Web UI first time installation wizard for a gateway, you can select cluster membership together with its type (VRRP or ClusterXL) and the Global Cluster ID.

When deploying a gateway using blink and its answer.xml file, there is no option in the .xml file to select the type of cluster nor the Global Cluster ID.

Does hat mean that the information about VRRP or ClusterXL is NOT relevant at all at this stage?

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You can also run the FTW by using the CLI config_system utility, see here for details: sk69701 How to run the First Time Configuration Wizard through CLI in Gaia R76 and above.

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If you choose VRRP on FTW it doesn’t enable cluster membership! You have to activate it in a later stage manually using cpconfig. (sk92061, Step 11)

So I would assume you should run the automated FTW like for single GW.

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In R80.10 the cluster ID is not even asked for anymore, in R77.30 it is used to set the cluster Magic number and for ClusterXL the cluster membership is set in cpconfig.

Nothing else is done actually with those settings. So usefulness is very little.

Regards, Maarten
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