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Verify that performance pack is running

I was reading about the two different processes of setting interface affinities depending on whether the performance pack is running or not. 

So my question is, would I be right to assume that verifying that performance pack is running involves fwaccel stat and see whether SecureXL is on?

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I suggest to use sk98348 Best Practices - Security Gateway Performance for optimization - and performance pack is now called the

Advanced Networking & Clustering Software Blade


See the R80.20 Performance Tuning Guide 

1) Chapter SecureXL - Section SecureXL Commands - Section 'fwaccel' and 'fwaccel6' - Section 'fwaccel stat' and 'fwaccel6 stat'.

Note: In R80.20, SecureXL is enabled by default.

2) Chapter SecureXL - Section SecureXL Commands - Section 'sim' and 'sim6' - Section sim affinity

3) Chapter CoreXL - Section Affinity Settings

In addition, see ATRG: SecureXL