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VSX virtual switch STP

Hi there,

We have a VSX setup with a virtual switch and I need to find out if there is any variety of spanning-tree running on the switch.

We have a bunch of Bond interfaces but their config says xmit-hash-policy layer3+4 so I assume they're above spanning-tree.

There are also two Bridge groups but I can't find any spanning-tree hint here:

[Expert@fwvsx:0]# clish -c "show interface br1"
state on
mac-addr xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
type bridge
link-state not available
instance 1
mtu 1500
auto-negotiation Not configured
speed N/A
ipv6-autoconfig Not configured
duplex N/A
monitor-mode Not configured
link-speed Not configured
ipv4-address Not Configured
ipv6-address Not Configured
ipv6-local-link-address Not Configured


Is there a way to check if the virtual switch is involved in any form of spanning-tree?

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Are you running the cluster as VSLS?

Please refer: VSX Admin Guide - Bridge Mode (

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