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VSX (preemption on VS)

Hi mates,

Is there any possibility of setting preemption (maintaining current active vs. switch to high priority) at VS level on VSX (VSLS) environment ? The goal is to avoid that a specific "critical" VS from switching back and forth in event of some problem. By design it returns to the cluster member where it should stand on recovery / normal condition.

I've been looking at the "vsx_util vsls" options but it doesn't seem to help in this way.


Pedro Boavida

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Re: VSX (preemption on VS)

This should be possible within the vsls_config vsls main menu.

Check Point VSX R77 Versions Administration Guide 

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Re: VSX (preemption on VS)

"vsx_util vsls" or "vsls_config vsls" are pretty much the same command and the kind of behavior I'm asking about is not available there. 


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