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VSX Configuration

Hi Team,

There is a requirement to configure VSX in our environment. I have gone thru the admin guide and other videos. I understand the concept. Is there any docs available which provides configuration of VSX with IP schema and details.

I want to test first in VMware so it would be great if VSX in VMware example available.


Gaurav Pandya

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Re: VSX Configuration

Not sure there is a specific public documents apart of what we have in our support center but few recommendation though: 

Try to install on ESX env rather than Vmare workstation in order to play with vlan interfaces - they have important roles in VSX as you can share the same trunk but to different vlans amongs VSs. 

Learn the different when installing VSX as VSLS or HA and play with the vsx_util under the mgmt to understand the options there.

Play with the virtual switch, learn how to connect VSs to the same VSW and understand how to communicate between them ... 

And last but not least, play with VSX provisioning tool - Can make your life extremely easily when it comes to scripting and provisioning. 

Hope that help 

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Re: VSX Configuration

I see on youtube have many video to help me ưith step to step to configure VSX:

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Re: VSX Configuration

Ok Thanks for the information. I will check

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