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VRRP Failover

Hi Guys,

In VRRP configuration, is it possible to have all interfaces on the primary fail-over to the secondary if any of the interfaces on the primary goes down? 

Example: I have bond1 and bond6 as master on my primary FW. On the secondary, they are Backup. I want if I shutdown bond1 on the switch, both bond1 and bond6 should become master on the secondary firewall instead of bond1 becoming master and bond6 still showing as backup on the secondary.

Does it make sense?

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If you've configured it correctly, that's precisely what should happen.
Can you provide a screenshot of your config?
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Can you share the output of "show mcvr vrids"
It sounds like you have configured multiple VRID's 1 per bond interface.
You should configure all interfaces in the same VRID with a priority delta of 10 and a difference of 5 (in most cases this should suffice).
We tend to use 200 and 205 for the priorities, where the gateway with 205 is the master.
Regards, Maarten


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