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VPN-SSL PORTAL: Downloaded-from-Gateway application

Hello team,

I have implemented a VPN-SSL Portal with native applications. I created some "Downloaded-from-Gateway application"  successfully, for example with windows executables: vncviewer, radmin, etc...

In order to accomplish this task I followed:

Native Applications for Client-Based Access 

I have used this tools:

  • Cameyo free packager: In order to build a portable executable.

       Cameyo Packager - Cameyo 

  •  Makecab via CMD to get the cab file:

        MakeCab Create .CAB file - Windows CMD - 

Then follow:

  1. Copy both your downloaded-from-gateway application file and the .cab file you created to the gateway machine at: $CVPNDIR/htdocs/SNX/CSHELL
  2. Change the application file permissions to read, write and execute.
  3. Run the Check Point Database Tool GuiDBedit.exe from the directory where SmartConsole is installed (in the same installation directory as SmartDashboard).
  4. Log in to the Security Management Server.
  5. Select Table > Other > embedded_applications.

    The embedded_applications table shows.

  6. In the right side pane, right-click and select New.
  7. In the Object field, enter a name for the new downloaded-from-gateway application.
  8. Specify the characteristics of the new downloaded-from-gateway application.

Now I am trying to create a heavier application application (NMS client for TETRA systems), but I am having problems with it. I have followed the same procedure.

When I run the ssl extender and run the NMS application:

Security advice to run unknown application editor on \Temp path:


And then nothing happens.

Any idea? 

Perhaps it is about the tool used for creating the single exe... Which tools do you usually use for this purpose?

Thank you in advance.

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i belive this is because you are running an exe from the temp director or maybe because your .exe file is not signed by a trusted publisher

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