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VPN Link Selection - migrations


We are in the process of migrating and changing IP addresses for a bunch of VS.
During this process we will change Internet and linknetworks to all VS.
Both Internet links will be open in parallel and we can route our own networks how we want it as we are the service provider.

One question that has come is.
How do we do with Site to Site VPN.

Option one is to do a big bang and just set a date when all partners/peers need to change IP.
This is very hard to actually get inplace.

So our question is. Is it possible to use link selection option " Calculate ip based on network topology"?
We are then hoping we can change one by one aslong as we do manually route the Peer IP to the "correct internet"
Meaning this could be done independent from actually changing the default route and flipping on the traffic on one specific date/time.

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You can try, and it should work. Policy push from both sides will be required anyway. 

Personally, I would plan for a big bang anyway...

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I would say its more of a backup.
In this case each VS belongs to a customer and we need to do this for alot of them. And in some case someone insist we need to revert the change due to a site to site missing to a bank/warehouse or similar this could be a solution for avoiding rolling back the complete change.
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