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Upgrade from 80.10 to r80.30

Our checkpoint device is not clustered, a single deployment in a cloud environment.This will be our first time to upgrade the r80.10 to r80.30 however, we are not sure what sk needs to be followed.  We would like to know if there's a software package for r80.30 (management and gateway) that can be downloaded in Checkpoint site. If it's possible to upload the package on the web gaia then eventually smart console will become an r80.30 device including the gateways. Your response is highly appreciated. we need your guidance.

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Public cloud instances cannot be upgraded in-place.
It actually requires different virtual hardware.
Further, R80.20 and R80.30 cannot operate as “standalone” in Public Cloud as the images for gateway and management are different.
You need to go to R80.40 and follow the “advanced upgrade” process using migrate export/import.

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus


Public cloud instances currently cannot be upgraded by CPUSE in place, good to mention that is part of our roadmap 🙂

Could you kindly more details about your environment, GW?MGMT?
The following SK will guide you on how to upgrade checkpoint MGMT on cloud different cloud vendors: 




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