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Upgrade VSX Cluster to R80.30 - Kernel 3.10



We are currently working on the upgrade of our VSX infrastructure to R80.30.

Our network is mainly composed of 15600 appliances (VSLS cluster) having multiple R80.20 VSes with full blades enabled.

We are considering to upgrade them directly to R80.30 with the new kernel. 

After reading this article : sk152652 , I saw that our current platform/model was not supported with the new kernel. Only the models 16k or 23k were covered.

Do you have any return of experience with this new Kernel ?

From your opinion, can you recommend to use the new Kernel and VSX in R80.30 ?
Did you experienced any bug in R80.30 ?
Many thanks,
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You cannot use 3.10 kernel on a non-supported platform.  


You will have to wait for R80.40 to be able to run kernel 3.10 on appliances other than these latest models: the x6000 and 6x00 series.
Running VSX on R80.20 or R80.30 does not differ to much.
Unless you really need the new functionality in R80.30 I would stay with R80.20 till R80.40 is out for a while (first jumbo).
Regards, Maarten
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