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Updates to Identity Awareness Clients April 2022

We have updated the various Identity Awareness clients per sk134312.
This includes the following updates (among others):

  • MUH2 Scale – we finished a QA cycle with the following specs (sk164998 updated):
    • 1000 MUH2 agents connected to one PDP.
    • Each MUH2 agent served 20 end-users (a total of 20000 users via MUH2).
  • Identity Collector pxGrid2 support – released via sk134312, for ISE 3.0 - v81.035.0000
    • Note that ISE 3.1 support has some known issues at the moment.
  • Identity Collector, MUH1 and MUH2 were verified with Windows Server 2022.
  • Identity Agent for Windows was verified with both Windows 11 and Windows 10 21H2.
  • Identity Agent for MAC was verified with MacOS version Monterey (12.0) with Apple M1.
  • All clients use the new Check Point logo.


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Cisco ISE 3.1 support is now available with IDC version 81.040.0000

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