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Update services bypass

Is there a way to disclose the content of the list of update services that are bypassed by HTTPS Inspection?

(the list is enabled by the checkbox at the bottom of the HTTPS Inspection policy)

I think it would be an enhancement to have this as an object you can work with in other parts of the Unified Policy, or even in SMB appliance policies.

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Well, besides the checkbox option there is also this:

But you still cannot see the content of the category in a SmartConsole, just the number of the applications.

You can view the members of the group in AppWiki:

That could be called from the SmartConsole:

But I do agree with you that we could benefit from being able to query dynamic objects from within consoles and dashboards by simple right-click and "list group members" option that can produce a searchable list.


I remember that the list of URLs used to be in a file on the gateway (for the sites we don't do HTTPS Inspection on for Software Updates).

Maybe it still is, but I haven't been able to locate it (possibly because the data is now obscured).

R80.20 has the concept of "Updatable Objects" but you can't search the list of IPs that are included.

The gateways do update these lists periodically, though.

Unfortunately, these objects cannot yet be used in the HTTPS Inspection policy (believe this is planned).

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