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Transparent proxy - sense? (comprehension question)

If a gateway is set to [Proxy -> transparent proxy] it will intercept and inspect web traffic according to application/content rules.
But those application/content rules will be applied anyway, even if the [Proxy] checkmark isn't set, so what is the sense of the [transparent Proxy] Setting?

(I'm not talking about intransparent=explicit proxy. My question is about transparent proxy versus no proxy)

Am I missing something obvious?

Tia /Richard Farnhammer.

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In transparent mode, all HTTP traffic on specified ports and interfaces is intercepted and processed by the Proxy code in the Security Gateway (per How to configure Check Point Security Gateway as HTTP/HTTPS Proxy )

From a policy enforcement perspective, it won't change anything, but the connection will appear as if it's coming from the Security Gateway itself.

It may slightly restructure the outbound queries as well and, if configured, send X-Forwarded-For headers.

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