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The VOIP problems still persists


I´ve tried to make VOIP to function for some time now through our Checkpoint VSX R80.20 gateways now with no luck. 

Useing Hide NAT works just a littlle for awhile and then it stops working, that is audio in one direction only.  So we want to use Static 1-to-1 NAT.

There are two resons why Hide NAT is not a option:

1: it does not work properly.

2: our ISP does not support the VOIP solution if we use Hide NAT.

I was told by our former contractor that the IP Networks we are NATing to has to be on an Interface in the firewall. So ringt now we have 2 interfaces towards the ISP one with the small linknet that we use today and another one with our /14 Static NAT IP Range. 

We have both interfaces set to external. But I cant get any client traffic through and back, however from the GW cluster its possible to ping from the /14 interface to the ISP.

Is this setup even supported in the Checkpoint world? 

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I would involve TAC here - if this is supported, they will help you to make it work😉.


BTW: Why this title, The VOIP problems still persists, if for us readers this issue is new and certainly not "The" VoIP problems - why not just call it "My VOIP problems still persist" ?

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