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The R80.x Adoption Experience by the Numbers TechTalk: Q&A, Video, and Slides

How widely has Check Point R80.x been adopted? What was the path people took? What was the experience? With the help with @Jim_MacLeod and our friends from Indeni, we'll answer these questions in this TechTalk!

Content available to CheckMates members:

Selected Q&A will be posted in the comments.
Excerpt from the session below:


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Selected questions asked during the Q&A

Do Any of the Numbers Break Down Linux 2.6 versus 3.10 Usage?


How often do version updates come out? I think there have been two or three already this year?

We are currently releasing roughly two new maintrain releases every year.

Is R80.40 already available for Open Servers?

As of this writing, it is supported only for Management Servers. We plan to support Open Server gateways in an upcoming Jumbo Hotfix. See this thread for background.

Is R80.30 the Recommended version?

R80.30 is considered the widely recommended version as of this writing. That said, if you require functionality present in R80.40, it is GA quality and can be used. Once R80.40 has achieved significant adoption, we will declare R80.40 the default (widely recommended) version.

What About Linux 3.10 Availability for pre-R80.40 Releases and/or Supporting Additional Hardware?

R80.40 ships with the Linux 3.10 kernel. In R80.20 and R80.30, a Linux 3.10 variant was provided to support specific (virtual) hardware only. There are no plans to extend the hardware supported in R80.20-3.10 and R80.30-3.10 or plans to create a R80.10-3.10 variant.

Can You Upgrade R80.20-3.10 or R80.30-3.10 to R80.40 or is a Fresh Install Required?

Yes, this is explicitly called out in the Release Notes.

Is it possible to move a CMA from one MDS to another one in R80.40?

Yes. It is also possible with R80.20 and R80.30 at the right Jumbo Hotfix level. Refer to sk156072.

Is load sharing mode in ClusterXL supported in R80.30/R80.40 and what are the known limitations?

Refer to sk162637. The major limitation as of this writing is Load Sharing with VPN. Refer to this thread for background.

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