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Thanks for Checkmates Winners Event

(view in My Videos)
We had an invitation in Israel and I would like to thank you for the event.


Also a thank you to all other who write great articles at Checkmates.


Special thanks to


Check Point:

Gil Shwed 

Dorit Dor 



Danny Jung 

Vladimir Yakovlev 

Timothy Hall 

Heiko Ankenbrand 


and the Checkmates team in the backround:


Amit Sharon 

Lillie Miller 

Moti Sagey 

Dameon Welch-Abernathy 

Valeri Loukine 

Niran Turgeman 


Backround to the video hack:


What you need for this hack?

- transparent straw

- Chackmates sticker

- a pool on the rooftop of the hotel

- good humour




4 Replies

Re: Thanks for Checkmates Winners Event

Heiko Ankenbrand‌, Danny Jung‌, Vladimir Yakovlev‌ & Timothy Hall‌, it has been our great pleasure to have you over.

We are #CheckMates team:

See you around and all the best!


Re: Thanks for Checkmates Winners Event

Thank you Valeri and the entire #CheckMates team for this exceptional experience!

The time that I have spent with all of you and with Check Point crew have exceeded all of my expectations.

Looking forward to continuous collaboration and future encounters!


Re: Thanks for Checkmates Winners Event

Nice guys:-)


Re: Thanks for Checkmates Winners Event

Yep an amazing trip to be sure!  Thanks Check Point!

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