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TAC Support cases — Include what’s probably needed

This comes up often, how to improve your TAC Experience? What I have learned over the years is you are likely to be asked for this, and 99.99% of the time a cpinfo will be needed.

  • Open a support ticket at
  • Describe the issue as best you can.
  • Upload to the ticket “cpinfo” from ALL devices involved.
  • Upload the Gaia configuration (save configuration <filename> from all devices involved.
  • Add to the ticket:
    • Names and IP address of all the Check Points.
    • Names and addresses of we can look for that isn’t working.

When this done CALL TAC with the ticket number, they will have all the basic information they will need in almost every case.

Now this doesn’t mean they won’t need specific debugs, but it will save time.

Have your schedule handy, it is likely the engineer will want a remote session to look at stuff, and make sure you have access to all the devices CLI expert mode and to smart console.

I would also recommend giving your SE or reseller a heads up, so they aren’t blindsided if something goes off the rails.

Don’t wait for a medium severity becomes a critical issue to ask for escalation and involve your account team. 

Aka, Chillyjim
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