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System Center Orchestrator Interaction

Hi Team

I've a customer that wants to interact/integrate with his System Center Orchestrator, where he has a Service Desk service, to classify and treat incident response.

My doubt is, if is possible to interact/integrate with logs generated by Check Point logs from firewall or from management?

I can't find information about this interaction/integration, I hope you can help me, with a similar experience.

Kind Regards

Artur Zegre

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you could:

  • Monitor SNMP-Traps (System oip)
  • Invoke REST Service (REST oip)
  • Query Database (Utilities oip)
    • you could log to syslog and use its db

How do they integrate their Service Desk in Orchestrator? Do they use SCSM?

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Hi Christian

Was a great help, regarding the integration between service desk and SCSM, I'll to try to find out how customer is working, then I give more information.

Thank you