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Support Center Updates discrepancy


  A few years back, my company changed its name and associated internet domain.  I updated my profile with the new e-mail address in the checkpoint usercenter and checkmates community maybe a year ago.  E-mail to the old address was still being delivered without issue.

  Recently, my company informed employees that they were going to discontinue use of the old e-mail domain.  As an aid to help employees migrate off the old addresses, they added a banner in Exchange to notify the user that the email was delivered to an old address that soon would no longer allow delivery.  At that time I discovered that my e-mail subscriptions for Support Center Updates was still being delivered to my old e-mail address.  Accordingly, several weeks ago I went into my usercenter profile subscriptions and set everything up for my new e-mail address.


  After I started receiving Support Center Updates for my new e-mail address, I still continued to receive them for my old address which is no longer in my usercenter account.  At first I just shrugged and decided to ignore the duplicates, since the old address was going to be discontinued soon anyway and eventually CheckPoint would get rejects when trying to deliver to the old address.

  But then, I notice that the content was not the same.

  So, for the last few weeks, I have received two Support Center Updates emails on Sunday morning about 4 hours apart.  Now, I subscribed to a lot more stuff with my new e-mail address, so I expected some differences.  But what I found was that a bunch of content included in the delivery to the old address is not mentioned at all in the delivery to the new address.  Since I essentially subscribed to everything for all version with the new e-mail address, I did not expect that there would be content delivered to the old address that is not mentioned at all in the e-mail to the new address.

Here is the content for the email to the old address delivered at 10/25/2020 @ 05:14 CDT:

SecureKnowledge solutions:



Here is the content for the e-mail delivered to the new address at 10/25/2020 @ 09:50 CDT:

SecureKnowledge solutions:





A comparison of the two shows the following content not included in the mailing to the new e-mail address:

SecureKnowledge solutions:


  I also checked the list against last week's emails to see if there was some sort of weird timing issue, like maybe these topics had been filed just over 7 days prior, but less than 7days + 5 hours prior to the second (new address) delivery.  No such luck, these topics do not appear in last week's deliveries.

  This looks like there is some sort of issue in the CheckPoint mailing content selection routine.


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Hi Dale,

Please contact me offline at and I will look into this. Do not forget to state the old and new e-mail addresses you are referring to.

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